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The Marketing Committee is charged with leading all communications and marketing efforts of SULYP.

The committee is responsible for maintaining SULYP's web presence, implementing technology strategies to advance the organization, and managing the external image and brand of the organization including the SULYP website, e-newsletter, social media properties, media relations, and much more.

To get involved in the Marketing Committee, email marketing@ulmsyp.org


The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of young professionals interested in joining SULYP.

We are committed to growing an engaged membership through new member orientations and appreciation events.  

Meet & Greet: The purpose for M&G is to allow new, existing and future members to interact in a less formal setting. Organizations cannot function without relationships. M&G offers an opportunity for you to build those relationships, gain more insight in SULYP and enjoy the pleasure and company of other young professionals like yourself.

Membership Appreciation: Our members selflessly trade in their time, talents & treasures in order to make an impact in the community. They are who help make SULYP a success. Membership Appreciation events are exclusively for our members and are used as an opportunity to celebrate all of the hard work of our members.

To get involved in the Membership Committee, email 


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Personal & Professional Development

SULYP endeavors to enhance the urban young professional experience in the City of Seattle by developing and coordinating unique opportunities for young professionals to meet, learn and network.

PPD hosts various events targeting the 3 pillars below:

SULYP Personal and Professional (PPD) committee identifies and develops an array of interactive and engaging programs and workshops that will help members to achieve professional and personal goals.

On the Professional side, we connect and provide access to leaders in the Seattle community. 

On the Personal side, we focus on 3 pillars: Financial Wellness, Mental Wellness and Physical Wellness.

To get involved in the Personal & Professional Development Committee, email professionaldevelopment@ulmsyp.org

Community Outreach

SULYP is committed to serving the local community and increasing young professionals participation in empowering African Americans and disenfranchised groups in the Seattle.

SULYP serves as a vehicle to connect young professionals with community engagement opportunities that play a part in addressing the economic, educational, cultural and health needs of Seattle's Black community. 

To get involved in the Personal & Professional Development Committee, email outreach@ulmsyp.org

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Civic Engagement

SULYP is committed to increasing the civic knowledge, participation and activism of young professionals and connecting them to opportunities to play a part in addressing the economic, educational, cultural and health needs of the community through our civic engagement initiatives.

We aim to bring the members of SULYP together to educate, discuss, and engage in advocacy by disseminating information about the policies which shape Seattle and our world. Through education and engagement we strive to create active members of the community to create a better Black Seattle for the future.

To join CE Committee email civicengagement@ulmsyp.org